Sunday, March 30, 2014


Madame Isis has an educational look at wire cap construction in the 18th century, but the collection of portraits she has here is worth a look for far more than historical costuming reasons.  A remarkable array of painting styles and faces, some are just mysterious and some beautiful.

Also with an eye to historical costume, English History Authors has Gabrielle Kim and Deborah Swift in a post here to discuss historical costume design onstage ... and in their novels.

Jeff Sypeck brings us a GREAT poem - "Zip it winter, you wasteful shit" ...

The History Girls ask the pertinent question:  is there history in your kitchen artifacts?  I know there is in mine and all my family's kitchens ...

From Telegraph UK, the Black Death:  not all about the rats - or, lessons on pneumonic and bubonic all over again.  (The article does include some different information than the video, so take time for both!)

Nyki Blatchley notes, English is a funny old language.  Indeed - it's rather a lot of them!

Aspirations:  the Good Housekeeping seal of approval (ish ...) and being in a magazine with Joanna Lumley on the cover.  Way to go, Nancy Bilyeau!

How Worcestershire Sauce Got and Lost Its Name.  Fantastic fun with a budding author at Marie Antoinette's Diamonds.

Ian Mortimer takes us on a Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval Shopping (in England, that is) at BBC's History Extra.  Cute Shoes:  I don't think this trip is for us ... !

Glorious images of the Staffordshire  Hoard and a blog about seeing these treasures first hand.  Here is a VERY quick look at its scope when laid out all together:

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