Tuesday, March 4, 2014


HAPPY NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY!  Also, hurrah:  Arrant Pedantry has a new post!  "Good writing breaks (the) rules all the time, and following all the rules does little if anything to make bad writing good."  What an extraordinarily intelligent, generous-minded, and useful blog this is.

The History Blog takes a great look at what it takes to conserve The Staffordshire Hoard.  Thorns and puffs of air, along with other non-damaging methods, as it turns out.  As innovative tool-choosing goes, the idea of eschewing modern blades for a precision point found in nature excites me - what a marvelous idea!  Click through for more detail and photos of the exquisite workmanship of these treasures.  Mmmm:  foiled gems.

Is it too late to say, "But wait!" ... ?  Ask Richard III's bones - and Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, who would like to see a stop put to their destruction and testing.  Now that he's gotten the answers he wanted out of the testing ...

And finally, a quote:

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.
--Emile-Auguste Chartier

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