Friday, March 28, 2014


Something of an odd little plot bunny collection today - sometimes, I read too much and my eyes aren't even big enough for me to bite off certain temptations.

Such as:  goblin church!  I love English names, and if the children's book hasn't been written, it should be.  Get on that, okay?

Or, the first playwright in post-antique Europe was a woman.  Go to it, because she's a fascinating character - but, with a novel in agents' hands, a WIP in the works, and a third having finally been promoted to the back burner, I don't have time to do Hroswitha (or her many names -which, just perfectly, mean "strong voice") justice.  Someone, please take on that "she's only a woman" nonsense, please!?

This one may or may not be a plot bunny, but it IS an unexpected story.  Once again courtesy of the History Blog, we have an ancient Sudanese Christian-symbolic tattoo on a woman's inner thigh.  Escandalo!  Didn't see that coming, did you?  Includes a nice short video clip, too.

In another vein, CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Williams on his upcoming publication, His Majesty's Confidential Agent - coming in May (at least in the UK ...).  I'll post updates as he does!