Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back Down

My back has been bad again this weekend, and today I've been on the couch with pillows behind me.  Two errands were necessary, but other than that I've been trying to stretch out and rest the muscles.  This immobility has made PBS's streaming channel a particular frustration today, as it just cannot seem to play anything - the natural result of which is that all I really want to watch is Frontline or Sherlock.

The good news is that there's less evening, after Daylight Savings, to worry about these pressing problems.  The bad news is that there appears to be little improvement in my bones and I've got to work tomorrow.

In truth, I've found that the best thing *for* back pain tends to be an office chair (or, at least, it is the "least-worst" thing anyway).  Driving to get to one, unfortunately, somewhat sucks; fortunately, my neck is not too bad, and the pain being in the upper back rather than lower means I'm better able to move in general - the pain bugs, but in different ways when it's higher.

In the meantime, Netflix is working fine and I'm at that stretch of Angel where I object to Cordy not because she went bad but because she's so damned poorly written.  At least Willow's is visiting in the ep I am watching.


Leila said...

Sending healthy vibes to you! And making sacrifices that the Streaming deities will once more shine favorably to you.

DLM said...

Fortunately, the hormonal emotions having dissipated and my back feeling better, today went really well. You know, apart from when my brakes started SMOKING ...

But I'll WFH tomorrow and let the shop take a little care of that! Urk.