Monday, March 17, 2014


Hah!  Following on the post I just finished putting up, this is an amusing companion - new knickers at Pour la Victoire.  Nice work by the ever self-deprecating Gabriela.  Next piece - pour la directoire?  *Grin*

Arrant Pedantry has a review of a book which gives us the compound word for kicking through autumn leaves, which sounds like a wisely considered and highly desirable book all around.  Idol chatter can sometimes be quite diverting ...

... and now for something not completely silly ...

You can help to save the Hopewell earthworks in Ohio.  Even if you can't contribute, take a look at the article, which is a nice look at a piece of native American history from the always wonderful History Blog.  The Hopewell culture is not unknown to me, nor is Ohio.  I'll be looking into doing what I can - because I believe in preservation over McMansion development every time.  HB has the links, but here and here are the opportunities to help.  (The second of these two links offers the opportunity to donate instantly online.)

Edited to add:  The auction of the Junction site is TOMORROW as of this writing, March 18.  I'm finishing my checkout.  Here is a vid that adds to the post at HB:

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