Sunday, March 9, 2014


From English History Authors, the real Christopher Robin's story, fame, and troubles.

Nancy Bilyeau interviews Michael Hirst, writer and showrunner for Vikings.  One of those shows that has me thinking I might subscribe to a streaming service with more current programming than Netflix can offer - I have not kept up with it since watching its premiere last year.

Thomas Aquinas and a look at the question, "Who am I?" (extra-appropriate, probably, as I restart watching the rebooted version of Galactica ...).

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo:  this was *not* a fishing hook.

A great look at drunkenness - its ehnancers, its suppressors, its lore - at The History Girls.

Yet again, the modern perception that we're the first to come up with an idea or a question must be exploded.  A text on "May a man marry a man" from eight centuries ago shows us, too, that the reasoning on prohibitions of gay marriage are pretty antiquated as well.

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