Thursday, March 20, 2014


Janet Reid takes a couple of good looks at agently idiocy.

Leila Gaskin on the 5-second rule, which takes more fortitude than I have in me.  I'm more a "If the idea really loves me, it will come back" and let it be gone if it wants to be sort of lazy-pants, but she's probably got the wiser method ...

The History Blog once again with the fascinating stories - this time, the foundling Faberge' egg.  I love the commenter who says they want to become a scrap metal dealer so they can drop $14k at a flea market.  Hear, hear!

Edited to add The History Girls' guest, Tansy Raynor, who has a little something to say about women, Rome, and Sulpicia (whom, actually, I had heard of).  The old "She wrote it - but ..." problem.

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Leila said...

Everyone has a different method to their madness. :)