Saturday, March 1, 2014


Courtesy of my Beloved Ex, please enjoy this potentially mindbending exercise in timelines.  I suspect that, for a lot of my readers, these facts are not as surprising as they were meant to be for a more general audience - but it *can* be fun to get a look at what-came-when in history ... and in our own lifetimes!

At the History Blog this week, we find the question "just how well aged do you like your cheese?"  Mummification might take it too far ...

Leila Gaskin has a pithy good word on the care and feeding of authors (and our works ...).  Also, her "Hot Flashes" will be on sale next week.  I bought my e-copy the moment it was available, of course, but anyone interested in the crusades of dragons is encouraged to get theirs!

The agent at SlushPile Hell is still having a fine time of it, I see.  I should query this poor person - thanks to my other agent-blog addictions, Query Shark and Janet Reid (one and the same, for you first-timers), I don't make the sorts of mistakes seen here.

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