Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just So, SO Wonderfully, Hilariously Weird, My Dog

Right now, The Lolly is in the living room ADORING her new treat - the ice cube I just dropped. She is going at it like I have handed her a turkey neck, I mean seriously. Mad for the ice - and she just came in from the COLD, which she HATES.

So weird. G-d, I love her.

She also has an absolute manic yen for vegetable oil.

In winter, when she gets dry skin, I sometimes give her a tiny bit of oil with her kibble. She goes perfectly mad with joy over canola. It is so unbelievably funny. Vegetable oil. Who knew ... ? Heh.


Wolfmammy said...

I still swing by, hun! ^_^ I miss having a pet. It's fun to read about your pup! I need to write you another e-mail. Did E go as Peduh for Hallowe'en?

DLM said...

Mister X wasn't able to do Hallowe'en (how much do I love that you're the "other" person in the world still apostrophising your e'en?), but I went out (for photo see my "image" page!). It was a disappointingly dead night - har de har - but I rocked it. So it goes.

Lolly is THE fun pup, too ...


Wolfmammy said...

You're gonna have to refresh my memory as to what you were going as this Hallow's. I want to say it was the one with the white wig, but that's probably wrong. It wasn't Zombie Cinderella this year?

I never do get tired of seeing the pix, either way. ;)

DLM said...

Hee, of course that's the one. I was a GlamaZombie - fab costume, sick me, dull night, but it was a great try.

Wolfmammy said...

Good, I'm not quite senile, yet!