Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home Collecting

Yesterday's lawn-mowing adventure cam out nicely, however there was that one moment where I had to yank the mower off the small stump of a boxwood cut down last year, and today I appear to be paying for my bravado in back pain.  I'm not being miserable and I seem to have everything I need - it's just the clear need for a muscle relaxant making me out of sorts.  Once I take it, I'll be out of commission mentally - so I'm doing a little poking around online, and looking at the editing work before I cave in and zonk my brain out.

I'd make a cruddy drug addict.  Ah well, my cross to bear.

And onward with the post.  Leila Gaskin has a good look at the irritant that is a chain letter ... and she takes an interesting left turn worth considering!

Janet Reid gives us four pieces of useful advice from the query pile.  Her #1 is probably my number one as well.

Finally, The History Blog takes a look at the way resources influence fashion - with a look at the Argentinian development of a Spanish fashion for hair combs.  Fashions and fads in history can throw such a fascinating light onto attitudes and the mechanics both of popularity and decline.  (Wearing something that speaks of the "Federation of Death" might sound odd to us today - yet that famous anti Semite still permeates our stylistic generation upon generation, so don't sneer if you love Chanel.)


TCW said...

Thanks for pointing me at the combs thing. I'm fascinated by early Argentine history, as you've probably guessed.

DLM said...

Hee - though it's slightly off your track, I found some of the wider-world implications of the combs just fascinating.

Leila said...

I have read your blog post and am pleased. Karma shall smile upon you. Why? Because Diane Major rocks. :)

DLM said...

I'll recycle what I said to one KTAustin earlier today: "Takes one to know one!"