Thursday, May 22, 2014


The History Blog has some very nice details on the recent geek-bonanza, the sale of the first Wolverine artwork.  One of the most significant pieces of original comic art - and a fun story for some of my graphic-loving readers.

At the HB once again, take a look at a Conquest era skeleton.  Well, as for ME anyway, this sort of thing is fascinating.

It's not my era, but it's dead-on my territories (with Ax, anyway) - explore the Roman camp at Thuringia ... and their bread ovens, no less.  More thanks to the HB.

Two Nerdy History Girls have also been busy - here we get a look at the history of DIY, with cottonian book bindings.  They're rather lovely.

TNHG are also explaining what a hair guard is (with a very nice, brief look at whether Dickens really was paid by the word!).  Victorians were quite ingenious with human hair weaving.

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