Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writing for a Very Specific Audience - and Other New Stories ...

Caroline Lawrence has a post at The History Girls today, about her work on writing for dyslexic (or reluctant) readers.  I find this a fascinating process *and* product.  A fresh and experienced eye is always good to have, but finding someone with the very particular type of wisdom one must have to produce works for audiences beyond the mainstream must be both invaluable - and very hard to find, if this is the sort of project you wish to work on.

There are probably guitarists who'd have a lovely good sneer about rewriting something like The Aeneid - and would faint dead away, clutching their pearls all the way down, about doing so in the spirit of Sunset Boulevard - but like the feel and the urgency of the passage Lawrence provides.  I can see how it would work - because it works on me - and isn't that the point, with *any* writing?

Honestly, I'd love to be able to find the editors she mentions, Ruth and Mairi - what interview subjects they would make, particularly Mairi, for the peculiar needs of a dyslexic revision.  The Night Raid will be released May 12 (though this is Amazon.UK, so our mileage MAY vary, on this side of the pond - see also, issues I'm having with the purchase of Tom Williams' His Majesty's Confidential Agent).  I may have to nab that one ... woe betide my TBR pile.

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