Monday, February 29, 2016


This morning, around 5:00 and after having been awake for a long time, tossing and sweating up the clean sheets I'd just washed *again* after being sick this weekend, I gave up and got up.

It turns out, when your fever drops and you end up with a temp a couple or three degrees low, the symptoms are pretty much exactly like fever. So I decided I'd best treat myself as if I had one - i.e., am contagious - and got out of bed, packed up Penelope, and took my commute extra early in the a.m.

We picked up my laptop. I ran into that one woman who apparently comes into the office at four a.m. to do who knows how many hours worth of walking, and we gave each other a little scare. Pen and I hit the road for home, and today I have given nobody any bugs.

We've gotten a good bit done. Renting some equipment for an event this week at work, updating my boss's travel calendar, a nice swath of housekeeping. For lunch, I had a nap. Not enough to make up for half a night's sleep, but renewing enough for a while.

My temp's still a degree and a half off, but I cannot take any more being sick; I have to go in. Perhaps a hazmat suit. Certainly fair warning to my colleagues.


Lilac Shoshani said...

Diane, I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick this weekend, and that you had such difficult and sleepless nights. I don't know how you've managed to get so much done at work, given your temperature is still a degree and a half off.

The hazmat suit made me smile, but please take good care of yourself. Sending lots of blessings your way to get better ASAP! <3

Anonymous said...

The hazmat suit would be a courtesy, yes.

Donnaeve said...

Oh my. I am sorry you've been sick! I've never had a migraine, so I don't know much about them, but a stomach thing AND a fever? Pure misery. Last time I had what I believe was the equivalent of a medieval purging was about 7-8 years ago. I thought I was dying.

Blaine has come down with the cold from hell and I'm hoping I won't get it.

I sure hope you're feeling much more yourself by now!

DLM said...

Donna and Lilac, thank you - I felt pretty great today, and not merely "by comparison" ... !

Paul, funny you stop by - I have you in a Collection post today, with such company as Julie and EMG. Enjoyed your anachronism post (and I kind of love anachronistic art).

The flu I had seems to be the latest thing "going around" and quite evidently was not speaking to this year's flu shot. I am VERY glad it was not more prolonged, and most especially that neither my mom nor stepfather caught the bug. I lost thirteen pounds in a day and a half (mostly due to dehydration, and mostly back, unwelcome as the weight is). Not recommended.

Donnaeve said...

Paul??? Paul Lamble??? My word you're getting about these days. :)

DLM said...

Donna, Paul and I visit one another from time to time. :)

As is this bug - my oldest friend has fallen victim. Boo, hiss.