Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stealing from INXS?

I just had a little fun using the phrase "elegantly sated" in the latest polish, getting a bit of food on the tables, so to speak.  As much as this might sound like a certain INXS song, the fact is, this particular phrase is actually a tribute to someone - well, who once was - in my family.

We still quote him.  "It is an elegant sufficiency.  Anything more would be a superfluity."

I can admit, Michael Hutchence's superfluity (though he actually was a tiny little thing; saw him live once, basically doing one long Armani-down-to-bike-shorts-and-combat-boots strip tease) did work for me, just fine.  Fortunately, my physics-major boyfriend at the time seemed not to mind

The vid still looks slick, modern, and even current to me.  Then again, I am old and wildly out of touch.  *Grin*

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