Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dreaming Is Free

Like most of us, I've always got ideas for "what I could do" - either in the case of if only I had more money or if only I had (or took) some time.  Some dreams are easier than others (I've been without a bathroom downstairs in my home since last July), but the time ones are the real temptors.

Penelope has graduated from her cage - on a day it was a blessing to have something good happen - and I am so happy for her.  I never was comfortable with "crate training" (the euphemism for caging, or the practice just in itself), giving a healthy puppy something like four feet by three to endure all day long.

Her graduation - her freedom (and good behavior) means that the room dominated for two years almost by her cage can now become a room again.  Once my back is better, I'll enjoy quite a bit, taking the desk out of the room currently acting as a rather defunct office, maybe reconfiguring what's already there, and having a beautiful sunny place to set up laptop and so on.  A good place to write.

And free.

The restoration of the downstairs bathroom?  Another day.

But soon I'll be able to fix up that West Wing of mine - and even maybe do a couple fun things in the room my desk will be vacating.

I'm trying hard to distract myself from the more harrowing aspects of what makes life so difficult, in that link above.  Some days, it's all I can do.

But do it, I can.  And I am.

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