Saturday, May 3, 2014


Gary Corby tells us about the Father of History's inception of that greatest of events - an author's reading in support of book sales.  Welcome to 440 BCE ...

Donna Everheart lays out very nicely the reasons I'm always telling people I do NOT expect to be able to quit my job to become a full-time author.  Published or not, it's not a big-bucks business for any but the very, VEEERRRY few ...

Who needs a kiss?  Passion of Former Days lives up to its adjective here - I think I like the Donyale Luna one best.  If only because it gives me a chance to use her name, which I have always loved.  Though Russ Tamblyn and Venetia Stevenson's photo is a stunning image!

Jeff Sypeck gives us the story of a weed, with a side of etymology.  (I love etymology almost as much as I love purple flowers.  Okay, more.)

Commie-informer, massive tax enthusiast, good kisser (to the detriment of two Hollywood careers) - ten of the now-lesser-known facts about The Gipper.

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Mojourner said...

And congratulations on being the first to say "Russ Tamblyn" and "Stunning" in the same sentence.

Is it me, or do the captions get less sexist over time?