Friday, March 25, 2011


Between the frustrations, distractions, unbelievable difficulties at work, worries, wounds, and stream of bad news this week, I've been a fully unpleasant person to be near.

There's always one who forgives and forgets. It's that forgetting part that seems to be key ... and people are excruciatingly cruel about withholding that from each other.

Dogs, though ... their way of living in a moment is to be admired.

I'm so fortunate I've got my Lolly. Even if having anything else seems impossible: she is awful good.

That girl might get to hop up with me tonight. She's been wanting on the bed again lately, after a weird period of months she couldn't stand getting up there.

She'll probably curl up a while with me this time. Just earlier, I could feel the warmth of her tungsten head, her big old Volvo-head, pushed against my foot. Sid's an excellent lying-at-your-feet-just-being-there dog.

She's also not half bad lying at the foot of the passenger side of the bed. Kind of crooked up behind my knees.


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