Monday, March 21, 2011

Well Alrighty Then

I'd been called for jury duty this morning, and was to report in at 9:30 for selection, and be ready for a 5-day trial. Apparently, there was a plea bargain or something; I just got the call that I have been de-called. So on to work I go.

It's funny, the single commonest response to this news has been the many ways to get out of jury duty. I know that's the cliche' and nobody's ever supposed to desire to do their civic duty ... but, honestly, for the life of me, I really do not understand that. I guess it's that I don't understand what the sacrifice is supposed to be for these people, who so devoutly feel they mustn't be prevailed upon for this. Boredom is really the only thing I can come up with, and the inconvenience to a job. But ... that, I guess, doesn't hold water, at least not with me. Maybe it's because I'm "just a secretary" (yeah, and you can read that with a fair measure of morally superior facetiousness in this case, I guess. Maybe the fact that I don't define myself by the means to my paycheck makes me just the sort of lemming fit for the stultifying degredation of serving my community. Eh, who knows.

Either way, instead of getting in my car right now with a slim purse and a fat book, I'm about to pack up my laptop, my purse, my smallish tote of work goods and extras, and lug my way into the office. Two hours of jury duty for my timecard - and all of that served in my own home. An irony, that the one who wouldn't mind serving gets the free pass all the disgruntled types get so het about ... ?

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Leila said...

Rats! If traffic court brought out inspirational loonies for me, just think what lurked in an actual trial?