Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Abbreviated Day

Today was the car's sixty thousand mile/x-number-of-years-old (it actually only has a bit over 53K, you see) checkup, so I got to get up just a little later than usual, and used the dealership's courtesy van for a somewhat shorter workday. I found out belatedly I could probably have slept in a good deal longer, as the van doesn't head out toward my office until 9:30 in the morning (I am usually in somewhat before 7:30 a.m.): it took me until ten to be in, logged on, and ready to go.

Only to pick up voicemail and learn I report for jury duty on Monday morning. Fabulous (and it could be for five days).

So - ugh - but, hey, a five hour workday. Right? Strangely, the day DRAGGED endlessly - and I was exhausted through most of it to boot. The problem was, I started off with early motion sickness. *Bleah*

Also sort of strangely, for a five-hour day, I actually got a huge amount done. Specifically, I (literally) got a lot off the desk. Specifically, thirteen items of equipment from another department's completed contract, for which the hired guns are sending back their stuff now that they are done.

The fact that, of thirteen (and some miscellaneous change) big packages taking up space in my not-expansive cubicle, eight of them were from this other group was a bit on my nerves, since they've had an admin now for a few months. But they'd been directed to me, so I logged and labeled it all, and lived with the insentient roomies for varying lengths of time.

And today ... they all left me.

That was one of the shorter jobs of work off my plate today, and I got substantially more than this taken care of (you should see my beautiful, neat file drawer ...), but nothing felt BETTER than that did. People were coming by my cubicle and gawking - "hey, there's a desk in there!" Hee.

Still, by four o'clock: time to pack up again and go meet the van. Time to slam a cocktail of headache meds (how I love the spring ...) and go get carsick once again.

Which clung to me a bit harder, for the afternoon run.

Maybe that several-hundred-dollar car bill didn't help. But I did come home still feeling woozy and exhausted. I felt pretty sick, actually, and am not really great at the moment. Sometimes carsick-plus-headache just takes up residence.

The thing about a five hour workday is that there usually isn't any less to take CARE of during it. And with sitting in a cushy (hah) service department waiting room, and nausea bookending the occasion ... well, shall we say, I've spent more enjoyable time off. And, really, with all the busy-ness all over town, the abbreviation can end up not really shortening anything (nor reducing one's general frantic levels).

So I'm about to go up somewhat early, and try for a new night's sleep.

At least I can feel glad I got lots done.

A prayer for Beloved Ex, who works for a state, the which's budget is coming in today.

And a quiet putter for me, unto bedtime.

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