Friday, March 11, 2011


I don't slack much at work - there's never time - but today I actually indulged in taking a break to do some writing ... and ended up skipping lunch entirely, without even noticing it. New Best Friend, B, was aghast, but to me it seemed incredibly obvious. Given the choice between writing and food - as much as I love food, writing is going to win, when it is *happening*. And that's not monomaniacal writer, or posing dillettante - that's pure, unadulterated, "have you ever WRITTEN??" talking. To put down a scene? Who would do that for a sandwich, seriously?

(Or, for that matter, for my own homemade stew, which was RIGHT THERE and I wouldn't even have had to go buy it!)

Writing wins. Plain and simple. Don't ask an addict to turn away from whatever-the-fix. And don't act surprised at my negligence when I've written a good scene and lunch went right on by me. I'm not over-dedicated. But I know what's important, and when writing is happening, even my nieces might be less interesting.

(Not that I can imagine a time in which I'd be writing when they were around, or they would be around when I was writing - heh.)

(Okay, X might be less interesting. How about that, then.)

Writing, when it's happening, is top priority, and the only possible fulfillment. Don't try to exchange that for any other reward.

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