Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sense(less) Memory

I had the strongest taste-recollection of London broil, driving home today. London broil is, for some reason, a meal I associate very strongly with X. I don't really know why; though I know he likes it, I can't bring to mind a specific night when we ate it together. I'd eaten it before I knew him, and have since he has lived so far away. Yet it *will* insist on puppydogging him. The memory is twinned to him, so beyond the simple pleasantness of a food I enjoy, it resonates ... and I really don't think there's any particular reason why.

I know he had steak the night my father died. I was hardly able to eat, and when I did venture a bite of his meal, I bit my tongue so hard another bite was not forthcoming, and I bled for rather a long time from the error. Like most things that day, that week, it left my stomach cramped and still eager to empty itself angrily.

That wasn't London broil.

So why the memory at all, particularly ... and why the heck is it glued to X?

Brains are so bloody weird.

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