Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The 85k Time Suck

... no, this is not a new game show - but it's just as bad for your time management (if not worse, by several orders of magnitude).  British Pathe' has released over eighty thousand clips on YouTube, y'all.  Don't spend all your time on one category.

I'm struck, when libraries and archives release masses of information (this has got to be one of the largest I've ever heard of), first by what an incredible boon it is for research and learning and those of us writing historicals.  In my case, of course, less so - there are so darn few primary vids on Clovis I, resolution in the years 486-511 was such crap - but there is more to be had, of course, than snowball fights in gigot sleeves and poems.  Second, though, I tend to go to the guitarist at the back of the bar, and how much harder it's going to be for so many to get away with some of the *fiction* of historical fiction.

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Mojourner said...

Osum. Already, I've learned that girls not only can be models, but aero-photographers. Also, that Archer's British Newsreel Announcer impression is spot on.