Thursday, April 24, 2014


The History Blog on St. George's day.  (I'm not sure, actually, that "orgy" is the correct term for a grouping of dragons.  However, given that one illustration, I could be wrong ...)

Today at Arrant Pedantry, "I've got a bad case of über it."  (It just is not possible for me to contemplate prepositions without listing all the German ones in my head, in a sort of whishing, whispering, ongoing non-mantra dating back to 1981.  An, auf, ünter, über, hinter, vor, und zwischen.)  The true gem at this link?  You get a NEW WORD today:  mumpsimus.  Yay!  Now, make with the clicky.

Thanks to a link at The Passion of Former Days, please enjoy Curious Anarchy.  This tragedy happens at my house all the time ... though my population is a bit smaller and partially feline.

CONGRATULATIONS to Nancy Bilyeau, on her win for Best Historical Mystery!

BBC News has a gallery of wedding dresses from a variety of periods.  The final three images here make me drool - artfully, gorgeously designed and realized.

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