Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Space Seed (Khan Not Included)

I searched a number of articles to link for this story, but UK's Telegraph runs away with it, both for USING the phrase "space seed" - but also because they seem to be the only outlet who's used a photo of one of the actual trees grown from seeds which went into space.

What's the real headline?  If you want to know before you click (and you haven't already heard):  turns out, the spaceborne seeds' trees are now blooming six years earlier than normal terrestrial cherry trees blossom.

Special mention:  I love the early-1960s feel of the "cosmic rays" theory of causation here.  LOVE.


Mojourner said...

Year Four: Cherries begin blooming at an early age, due to cosmic radiation.
Year Seven: Sakura-zilla emerges, laying waste to the temple before going on an island-wide rampage.

DLM said...

Hee. Now THERE is a plot bunny, kids.

Or perhaps a plot-mutant, anyway ...