Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today is the made-up birthday for little (hah - HUGE) Miss Penelope, most beloved of baby girls.  She is theoretically two, though it's likely she's two and a month or possibly a bit more.  But she's my delight and my dear and my April Fool, so a big happy birthday to my puppy today.

Deliciously, today is Edible Book Day.   Well, they ARE among the most nutritious things we can consume - have you eaten a book today?

On this day (well ... depending on how you view the way we count dates!) in 527, Justinian I officially ascends as co-ruler with his ailing grandfather, Justin I.  Justinian plays a role in my WIP, though whether he'll actually appear remains to be seen.  Justinian was the subject of Procopius' salacious "Secret History" - but, let it be said, he'd already married the courtesan Theodora before his elevation or accession (later in 527).  So he did apparently have something of a taste for the wild side ...  He presided over riots and plague, built the Hagia Sophia, and in 535 his reign (and the world) was literally darkened and chilled for a period of years, kicking off that interminable period in history some ignorant folks still insist upon calling "the Dark Ages."  Talk about an April Fool's joke ...

Empress Theodora may have enjoyed Veneralia on this day, a festival and worship of Venus, goddess of love.

A very different Theodora indeed, the Saint, has her feast day on this day.  She shares it with St. Walric, who has two feast days.

April 1 is Islamic Republic day in Iran, and Fossil Fools day in North America.

Not so far from where I live, the Battle of Five Forks was fought in 1865, days before Lee's surrender on April 9 at Appomattox.

Apparently, Ali McGraw's birthday is today.  I grew up with one particular aunt who said I looked like Ali McGraw (this would have been in the early 70s, at the height of her success).  Certainly there are worse things to be told, but I have never been able to see a resemblance.

It's also Susan Boyle's birthday.  Happy returns to the lady who proved you don't need to be twenty-two, skinny, and blonde to get SOMEWHERE as a singer.

Happy Birthday also to Traci Lord.  Her actual, real birthday.  Joke was on them, wasn't it, Traci?  Ahem.

Deaths of the day include Scott Joplin and Marvin Gaye, and John Forsythe, known to my generation largely as a voice in a little speaker box.

And, finally.  Oh, April Fool's Day.  I love you.  Because I am going to tell myself these are jokes.

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