Saturday, April 12, 2014


Congratulations (again!) to Tom Williams - he unveiled his cover this week, and I was slow to share it here, but it's a good looking design ... AND it's entirely authentic!  I love that in a cover, because it's remarkable how seldom historicals get that kind of graphical respect.

The History Girls have an excellent word or two for Michael Buerk (and an entire industry), on lookism and sexism - and historical beauty treatments - and the hideous catch-22 of women's conformation we still live with today.  The excellence here is that these words can actually be applied beyond the particulars of this one post - which is where good writing becomes great reading.

Finally, I am grateful to Two Nerdy History Girls for sharing this vid (worth a click-through to their post for a bit more on antique automata, with a little background and some other links as well):

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