Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Most of these one star book reviews will make you want to shoot yourself (or, perhaps, their "authors") in the neck.  Some of them are slyly hilarious, though!  Thank you, Zuba, for sending me down this rabbit hole!

Kristi Tuck Austin has some words on rock stars and authors - and no patience for the reticent writers who ignore and short-shrift their fans.  Me neither, lady!

18th century France is NOW - in San Francisco.  A great piece again from The History Blog, with videos worth a look if you're curious about how to move your gilded historical salon across a couple continents and an ocean.  The clips on gilding and wood carving are the best, short and illuminating.  So to speak!

Finally:  Gossamer would like to assure you, "It's all all right.  You'll be okay.  Promise."

Just needed to get a photo in, keep the visual interest.

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