Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Email, or Not To Email ...

I'm trying to decide whether (and, if so - when) to follow up with the agent on the submission. Feedback welcome on this point.


Wolfmammy said...

A quick e-mail never hurt anyone. Most of the jobs I had were either from pestering the crud out of people or getting hired on the spot.

"This, too, shall pass", right? Sorry, I know that sounds like such a horribly trite thing to tell someone, but I mean it with the best of intentions. The bad times always seem to last forever and after they pass I often wonder why the hell I was worrying over it in the first place. Hindsight, huh?

DLM said...

Oh, the agent's not my connection for a job - I met her in October, and she asked for three chapters of my novel! I was able to complete that by the end of February, and submitted the chapters to her on the 28th.

Since she usually takes six to eight weeks to evaluate requested submissions, I'm thinking of following up with her since it has been nine weeks now. I know her spring is extraordinarily busy, and just wanted to pop myself briefly on her radar.

The book is not going to change my life (financially), but with the unemployment situation, this is a minor note sounding annoyingly but constantly in the background static. It would be nice to hear yea-or-nay during this time where so much feels out of my control, you know?