Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Chocolates

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Another of the great chocolate tie-in holidays is upon us (Valentine's - not Easter - though, of course, candies for all of the above have been available in stores for weeks already), and Hampton Court is celebrating.  They're not pandering to the M&M Mars company, but opening an interesting culinary door to the past - by opening the 18th-century chocolate kitchen, not seen in generations.  There will be live demonstrations and lots of information about Georgian chocolate-making, as well as a look at the period fixtures and methods.

Here is History Extra's link.

And here is the History Blog link.

And here is a nicely ironic companion piece - an article on how Georgians institutionalized dieting as we know it today.  Enjoy!  (I won't judge you on which of these you enjoy ...)

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