Friday, February 14, 2014


Thinking recently about pretending away the people of color in history, there is a good post at The History Girls introducing a site I will follow, Medieval People of Color on Tumblr.  The post on top today includes not only diversity in peoples, but also a remarkable sampling of material arts - the sculptural bust is a breathtaking piece of art, and there is also a couture costume and an array of paintings as well.  What an excellent resource, and a beautiful curation online of aspects of history we are too often blind to.  The page is clearly not limited to *medieval* people of color - the feature right now is the 19th century.  Looking forward to seeing more, and doing some exploring.

Two Nerdy History girls has found a short clip looking at the (literal ...) foundation of The New Look.  Worth the minute or so to watch the video - the old way to build the New Look!

Marie Antoinette's Diamonds has a good read about The Lockkeeper's House in Washington, DC.  She links further on to information at the Library of Congress - and the photos turned out well.

Mojourner defends the much-maligned month of Feburary ... when the days finally grow longer, when birds begin chipirping (when I just saw my first cardinal of the season yesterday!) - and when we have forty-two day!  It's a great month - not least because it's least.

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