Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Links

The latest find in British bones, Blanch Mortimer - there was a coffin in her tomb, and she was in the coffin (although, gruesomely "there wasn't much left" ...).  It is interesting, reading about multiple exhumations, reburials, cenotaphs, and lost remains, how unusual this actually is.  Click for a vid of the vicar of St. Bartholomew's discussing the surprising find.

The latest find in German psychiatry - Mad King Ludwig, not mad after all?  Might the monarch have been a victim of homophobia?  Conspiracy?  Poor diagnostic method?

Finally:  courtesy of The Rags of Time, a martial arts demonstration, circa 1919.  Exceptional!

(The hair product here alone is made of the sternest of stuff ...)

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