Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey, Look!

New Year's Eve happened this year!  I rather missed out last year, being sick for the better part of a week, and highly oblivious through most of that time.  Being, as I apparently am, someone quite focused on marking the passage of time, missing the mark last year left me with a very long and low-grade case of cognitive dissonance:  the holidays had happened, but not the new year.  I had a strangely difficult time, constantly reminding myself that it was 2013, and feeling mildly displaced in time.  Not a particularly difficult issue to manage, but ongoing, for a surprisingly long time.  It was just odd.

This year, of course, being human, I felt it necessary to overcompensate, so rather than staying home as I often have, and perhaps not even staying up for the midnight hour, but at least being *aware* of the imaginary shift, I went out with friends.  Some issues with my knee kept me from much dancing (and in comfortable boots), but we had a good time - they are lovely company, these particular friends.

After midnight did come and go, I saw an acquaintance of several years, and am hereby able to tell the following anecdote as to how my year began.  We had a little hug, a happy-new-year-ing, and grins, and she said to me, "I am so glad I saw you!  Every time I see you, something good happens in my life!"

Aww.  And wow.  I'm not very good at superstition - I cite 'em all the time, but am rotten at sticking to the fervor about them - so the magic here isn't the point for me.  The point is that it's an extremely lovely thing for someone to say about anyone.  So I started out my year with lovely people, lovely moments, and good/funny music (it hadn't been billed as such, but for a good stretch there, the music was good eighties alternative dance stuff - bummer I *couldn't dance!).  If that is an omen, I will take it with thanksgiving and gratitude.  And if it's not - I still will.

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