Friday, January 24, 2014

Eclectic Collection

For today's collection, I'd like to just start with a quote from Donald Harrington:

“What are others for but to give us something, if only their presence, that we cannot create for ourselves? The secret of enduring is not to harden oneself against loss but to soften oneself in acceptance.”
(Rest in peace, Dawny.)

*** Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the introduction of the Mac … and the 1973rd anniversary of the murder of Caligula.  Do with THAT what you will. ***

And now, for the usual archaeological, art, and other links ...

The Getty launches a free virtual library online.  This will be an artistic trove for research.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art re-gilds Diana.  I always had a soft spot for Augustus Saint-Gauden's golden topper.  In a way the refurbishment deprives her of a certain "antiqued" beauty - at least, in close-up viewing (see the images at the link).  But Diana was made to be gazed at from below, from a distance.  Bright as new, what a sight that must be.

Image:  Wikimedia

The History Girls bring us a truly fascinating post about rag pickers and the artifacts and acts of that trade.  Such a description necessarily beggars (yeah - har) the interest of the information here; truly worth a read.

Finally, Elizabeth Chadwich visits The History Girls to discuss trial by ordeal.  Such methods actually date back to the Salic law laid down by Clovis I, and I was fascinated by the reading there, though none of it made its way into the work.  One of the joys of research - the myriad things you don't even get to/have to use.  (Trial by combat, of course ... is essentially the only reason for pretty much any combat - judicial or not - throughout the history of the world.  Sigh.)

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