Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bad Author! No Scooby Snack.

Today is the productivity day around this pad - yesterday, I spent my time helping a friend do some packing in pouring rain (believe it or not - a good time - it helps when you love someone to pieces and the company in work is all good).  So today, four loads of laundry and some housekeeping, following on the heels of spending about seventy bucks at the drugstore.  I was running low on everything, and heck if I couldn't have gotten some more cleaning products as it is.  Ah well!

So I'm forgiving myself for not writing questions for the upcoming interview with Victoria Skurnick of Levine Greenberg (keep an eye peeled for this, she is simply delightful), nor completing my queries and re-queries for the agents I met at this year's Conference.  Yesterday's time with my friend and her friends was more important.  There'll be time in the evenings this week.

For now, I need to run and shift the last load and get another one on queue for the dryer.

Y'all have a fine Sunday - I'll check back in soon, and we'll have a good time.

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