Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Palisade

Things being what they have been for the past several weeks, I have found myself, on the all-too-brief weekends, less than eagerly motivated to cook and clean and do the personal life thing.

Depressive Hate-Dishes

Today, though, I motivated. Indeed, I began last night. I washed a good half of the massive palisade of dishes I have let pile up, almost in a dare to myself, while family life has been so difficult. Today, I finished the pile. And have tidied up the guest room, where off-season clothes go for storage, and pretty much fully switched out winter and put it away now. Bed is stripped and remade, and the dusting is begun.

Here at 6:03, there is plenty more to do (oy, two storeys of stairs and multiple loads of laundry!), but today already I have motivated more than in ... honestly, in recent memory. Gotta admit that.

The day is bright, the season is fresh, the house is going well, and I have a quiet evening enjoying it (and doing laundry!) to look forward to. This house, when it's nice and clean, is a pretty lovely place to be. Not least because it has Gossamer TEC and Penelope in it.

So. How's your St. George's Day going? Conquer any dragons? Mine was made of dirty dishes, tell me about yours ...


Donnaeve said...

Mine was..."wordsmiting" I think I knocked out...about 2200. Not bad.

DLM said...

St. Donna of the Twenty-two Hundred. It has a ring to it, no?

TCW said...

Took a very small part in a production of Henry V at the Wallace Collection. More details and photos on my Facebook author page ( over the next day or two.

Donnaeve said...

Indeed, it does! :) Hoping for at least that much again, today - maybe - dare I say - 3000???

DLM said...

Tom, that is very cool. I shall have to keep a eye peeled.

Donna, good luck. I may not do so well, as Gossamer TEC is setting that certain example cats do, curled up nose to tail and purring. This being the first week in a long time without family crises and taxes to deal with, I am seriously contemplating taking a page from his book. Which won't add any to mine.