Monday, April 11, 2016


It is the time.

It is the time again, when many of my beloved blog friends are joining the annual April A to Z blogging challenge.

I get the networking and camaraderie, but ... I just never have been a joiner. And this year, with so MANY blogs I like to check in on, I've learned there is a problem with the A to Z.

There is no. way. I can keep up with the umpty-seven blogs I like, when every one of them is posting every single day, for an entire month!

Y'ever heard of TOO much of a good thing ... ? Ack!

I've quit reading, y'all.

I'm sure you will gain other readers. And I get the networking and the fun and the challenge to seat-in-chair WRITE every day.

But some of us can't hope to keep up. Not with all of you.

It's beyond overwhelming, it's got me not reading an awful lot of the blogs I usually enjoy, at all. I dig y'all the mostest, but you've got me opting out on each of you. For a full month.


Unintended consequences ...


Colin Smith said...

Awww... sorry about that Diane! I've tried to keep my posts brief (100 word stories), and I even posted a "catch up" on Sunday linking to all the stories so far. But I understand. Life's short, and time is precious. Maybe you could be persuaded to drop in on us every now and again, see if we're still plugging away with the challenge, cheer us on a bit?

But really, I get it. No hard feelings. :)

DLM said...

Of course this wasn't meant to be "at" you nor a rebuke of any kind, it's just my wee and paltry brain. It's already got a lot going on, so when I come home and get to reading, unfortunately it doesn't take much to shut me down. Even apart from Reiders (many of whom are doing the A to Z), I've got the other blogs I love, so I eliminate like it's a slush pile I guess. :)

Jeff said...

Ha! Let's just say that my blog will never be one that expects readers to check in every day. I'm the antidote to the very notion. :)

DLM said...

And yet, I won't stop checking in, Jeff!

Me said...

I would never be able to write one blog entry a day! I find it takes way too much time, but I applaud those who can. I really like what Colin does; short stories really are my cup of tea. But I know what you mean. There's so much to read!

DLM said...

I have periods when I can produce more than one post in a day, BUT the discipline to do A to Z is perhaps just not in me. Especially keeping them short! As anyone can see, I am poor at that.