Saturday, December 1, 2012

*Eyebrow* At My Stats

550 hits today, mostly from Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.  Odd, that.  Odder - usually bots don't go to my pages; the excerpts etc. - but today, two and three hits apiece to all of those pages.

I find this not a gratifying uptick, but a depressing sign that even the one indicator of actual human visitation (hits on those pages) is no longer reliable.

*Blah* for monster day stats.


Anonymous said... do you know its a "bot" that visits the pages?

Mojourner said...

Similar thing happened to me this week on multiple blogs, although mine was more blatant (all from the Ukraine, repreating a cycle of hits every several hours). From this, I cn only surmise that it is a native internetian AI waking, testing us...

DLM said...

Anonymous, when this blog gets several hundred hits in a single day, it's unquestionably bots. There might come a day when that is not the case, but right now given the established patterns of traffic here, close to 100% of the hits on the day this happened were of non-human origin.