Saturday, July 14, 2012

Solomon and Elijah

At 2:00 I had no heartbeats in the house with me (unless I missed a couple cave crickets, which aren't so companionable anyway).

Meet my boys:  Solly and Li-Li (the Is are long, in this case) ...

Solly had some things to communicate to me from the moment I met him, and I knew he would probably be the sort to appreciate a companion during the daytime while I am off paying the mortgage.  So I was told about Elija, apparently quite the love bug, where Solly was a playing thing.

Put these guys together (similar as they look, they aren't brothers - not by blood, anyway), and suddenly snuggly Li-Li is a little viper, playing and energetic with a new pal.  And Solly, disinterested in being held, when we were alone, suddenly became a loverboy.

Solly is ever so slightly the smaller, is a hair lighter, and has white paws.  Li-Li has pretty grey eyes, and is solid stripey.  Both of them are grey, not brown, and they are getting along famously.

Home for an hour now, they've done a lot of exploring, and are currently remembering the humanoid life form, and are adorably exploring me at the moment.  I am dying of how wonderful that is.

Solly has already stopped briefly to watch Star Trek from the beautiful throne chair my sister-in-law upholstered, which I inherited when they moved out west.

Li-Li has had to have water sent his way a couple times now, to stop him from clawing grandma's rocker and ottoman.  Looks like Mister Quiet has a bit more feist to him than Shea, our adoption counselor, knew!  He seems to have the motorbox so far, quick to purr, but Solly did some quiet purring while we were still in the poopy-smelling room at the SPCA.

We caught a fragment of "Fun, Fun, Fun" on the rental car's satellite 70s station (#7 - not that this has been a Biblically inspired day or anything!), then "Jackie Blue" played on our way home.

It doesn't seem as if I'm going to be changing the guys' names - I'd nicknamed them in less than half an hour, after all - but per usual, I expect they'll get called a lot more than just Elijah and Solomon over time.

A new adventure begins.

And I went looking for one single female cat.  Best laid plans and all that rot, I guess!


Leila said...

How gorgeous!! I can't wait to meet them. Congratulations on your new additions!

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Max said...

A happy home, with happy cats!