Thursday, July 5, 2012


I’m smart enough to be grateful.  I’m selfish enough to be sad.


From one of her best friends ...

"So sorry to hear about our sweet Lolly.  She had good smell, no matter what. I’ve never encountered a dog that smelled good like she did.  It was unique.  She always greeted me with a kiss, which I found out later was a little rare. She was the best it gets as dogs go.  She had nine beautiful years with you, I’m certain she felt the very same about you as you did about her, the mutual admiration you shared.

From my first meeting with her, to the last, she was always such a sweet, loving girl. Once when you were out of town, we sat out on the back stoop, enjoying a beautiful early Sunday morning listening to the church bells. She wanted so bad to chase a dog walking down the street, but just couldn’t bring herself to misbehave.  She simply let out a small howl, and let bygones be bygones.  We continued to enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful weather loving every minute of it.

If there is a doggie heaven, and I believe there is, she is surely there right now, carefully guarding us all.  We love you Lolly!! May you rest in peace knowing how much you were loved."

From the wonderful Leila:

"I'm so sorry.  She was the best and you were (and are) the best mom.  She loved you as much as you loved her.  Our furry children are never far away from us, they hang around in spirit to keep us out of trouble. She's healthy and happy in her new place. And as you said, she's with your dad."

From Kristi, whose tribute, I hope, is snuggling with her right now:

"I love you and am sending huge hugs your way. Siddy was a gem. Those eyes made room in my heart for Sammy to walk in. Our family will forever love her."


She was my Bes' of T'ings.  Gooderest girl.

I've lived for a long time, hoping to ever be close to good enough for my dog.

Still will.  Coz I'm not sure I ever will be.

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