Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AP Day

Today has been Administrative Professionals' Day (one of my managers, wise to my ways, IM'd me to say Happy Secretaries' Day - and earned yet more points thereby, heh), and I feel like I should say something, but there isn't a great deal leaping to mind.  In a career widely envied by my peers, I've been fortunate to work for people I respect and like more often than otherwise - but, even out of a crop of bosses I've been enormously grateful for, right now my two officers are *remarkable* people.  I get to work for these guys.

Since the exit of the sexual harasser (not worthy of my time to go back and link posts about that), I also get to say - I really like my whole team.

This is among the blessings of my life.  I work for an entity which won't move away, merging with some other entity, which will then merge with another, degrading my career with every move along the way.  I can feel how valued I am, every day.  It gets frustrating, yeah.  Every job does.  This is why they pay us to do them.  But ... the frustration isn't dark and creepy.  The frustration isn't coming from within, it's not a sense I am wasting my time.  It's just the nature of having any job, of working with hundreds of people across multiple time zones, of things going wrong, or happening at the wrong time, or just my own having a headache and being cranky.

As much as I tell my management and colleagues how grateful I am every single day - they tell me it's mutual every day, too.  And, as I think about it, "every day" may really be a literal figure.  I am thanked, I am high-fived virtually and in person, I *know* what I add to my team, and they know too, and we are all pretty damned happy about it.

My job, when I took it, was partially to make myself a hub - to create not only an effective network of support for our group, but also to provide certain aspects of our identity.  I've done that both interpersonally and literally, taking ownership of our recognition program, taking ownership of our newsletter, being heard, reaching out.


All this is to say:  I love my job - and, what is more, I am grateful to have it.  Not merely grateful to be working in this economy.  Not merely hopeful, and even secure.  But incredibly, consistently, completely grateful.  I pray, for all the children of G-d, that everyone should be so blessed.  Should have such fulfillment, and the gladness in it.

Happy Secretaries' Day indeed.  And Happy Admins Day, to all!!  Heh.  G-d bless us, every one ...

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