Monday, December 17, 2018


It happens all the time in casual speech—saying carpe diem rings deeper and graver than “use time wisely.

I know I link The History Blog a lot, but here is a post resurrecting one of the old interests at my own blog, which I haven't touched on in a long time: jewelry design. Take a look at the simply stunning geometrical engraving on this remarkably preserved bulla. Exquisite.

Tom Williams' blog has a great discussion about authorial exposure, participation, and the many varieties of advice authors can find online, on his 12/14 post - this is one of those times I will say, "READ the comments!" (FWIW, I actually do get more engagement on my personal posts, but I think the past few years of caregiving and death have led me to tap into some thoughts and themes that resonate - and, given a lack of actually getting this blog OUT there, those posts are the ones that bring people to pipe up.)

Per usual for this year, I am running short on content but don't want to leave this post in Drafts any longer, so please enjoy these photos of December snow, decorations, and The Poobahs. My spirits of the season ...


Penelope side-eye is the BEST side-eye

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Jeff said...

I've had too little time in recent months to leave extended comments—we just concluded a nine-month search for a new home—but I wanted to stop by to wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy, hopeful 2019.

DLM said...

Weeks late to respond, but thank you so much! 2019 turned over peacefully, and today has been a good start. Now to see how I do getting back into my groove with work ...

Hoping the new digs will be comfortable, safe, and a house of good memories.