Monday, March 7, 2016

Not My Three Weeks, Apparently

It's a common observation that complaining is often an open door go G-d to give you something to really complain about.

If the lady who's worked at the drugstore near me, whom I've known fifteen years now, is right - "It comes in threes" - I should be good to go for a while. Because, after the days-long migraine and the flu, now I have a cold.

I shall not complain. For one, it is responsive enough to acetaminophen, and though it is robbing me of sleep, which is one of my favorite things NOT to be robbed of. For two, in the midst of it, I finally took that leap and entered one of Janet Reid's flash fiction contests for my very first time, and I got short-listed. !!

Of course I'm a sucker for all thing Odyssey and I do love the alternate view point here: Penelope waiting at home. But mostly this is just beautiful writing and I love it.  --Le Sharque 

Amusingly (or not?), the entry actually consists, essentially, of a complaint. I wrote three stories; two inspired by family crises which, right now, I really wasn't sure I wanted to put online - and this third one. Harkening to classic literature, it was shameless Oscar-baiting, as it were. And it dovetails with my obsessions. There is some clunkiness - I am HATING the use of "aught" at the top. Being a historical fiction novelist, the archaic usage feels to me a bit like gadzookery, and in any case that sentence requires three reads even for *me* to get it straight.

My favorite feedback:

Joseph Snoe said...
I'm for him
or her
dear sir

Flash poetry! Woo!

The real winner, for me, is Maggie Maxwell's, because it actually has something to say. It's a great story, and entirely more.

For those who managed humor, I stand in awe, really. My story's just kvetching, which takes no work. But to manage effective comedy in 100 words or less is an accomplishment.


Lilac Shoshani said...

Congratulations! Your story is wonderful, Diane. And you write so beautifully! Fantastic that you finally took the leap, entered Janet's flash fiction contest, and got short-listed!! Woo Woo… I'm proud of you, my dear friend. :-)

DLM said...

Lila, thank you. Everyone is so kind, but it's funny, I think I'm a hell of a writer and this piece really doesn't do tons for me. It may be a bit close to home, given that it's my life! Gossamer the Editor Cat thought it was a little lazy! ;) G-TEC's kind of a taskmaster, though.

Donnaeve said...

I too loved your entry Diane, b/c you've developed a voice - whether it's a comment or in your work. So it showed here, and it's no surprise to me!

I was rolling my eyes on my entry - which I'd said in the past I was going to try for humor. Well. That was it, and I showed that I cannot compete with the likes of some of those other writers in THAT category. But it was fun!

DLM said...

You know I cop to just stealing my voice - I'm a cheap imitation of a larger, more beautiful chorus, that is my family - the Major voice especially, but definitely my mom's side too. Of course, good writers are all thieves ...

I am terrified of attempting humor at a flash level. It is hard enough as it is; with the FF discipline, I would never trust myself.

For the entry I did do - it's funny how frequently my flash pieces seem to hit on classics (see also - the Bible -