Saturday, March 12, 2016


 This interview gets seriously squidgy at about 10:00, but the piece as a whole is as fascinating as James Burke always is … and the opening 1:21 is stunning. And his closing quote is one of those moments where you feel “Oh, well, that’s all right then.” Take a trip with him from the medieval world to 2050 or so. He is always a great traveling companion.

Beautiful tuffaceous sandstone. I learned what tufa was reading the Masters of Rome series by Colleen McCullough. But Mojourner is a far better writer - and photographer.

World building resources from People of Color in European History - aid in creating languages, calculating your characters' travels, calendaring, maps ... some great assists for authors of fantasy OR historical.

Dena Pawling's posts about the law are so fascinating. Being a "recluse" ain't what it used to be - fortunately, I still seem to have a hell of a knack for it.

It's pretty exciting watching the road to publication with Donna Everheart. Go Donna!

Hey, if incompetence weren't hilarious, the state of American comedy would be pretty grim indeed.
--John Ramos


Donnaeve said...

Aww thank you for that mention!

I'll say it here, although I could say it on your post above...whatever is going around is...going around. I'm sick as a dog. Kept Abigail Monday, and she sputtered, and snotted, and wiped her little face on me all day. Tuesday night, her Mom calls, "she's got the flu."

So. This will be my week of it, it seems. I. Hate. Being. Sick.

DLM said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear it, Donna! How sweet of you to come by, even feeling this way.

It is going around, and painting the town while it goes. My office sounds like a medical ward. Eww.