Sunday, March 6, 2016


Lennon Faris has a look at the brain tsunami - and the stigma - of mental illness.

No diatribe today. But I am ashamed of the marketing gimmick that is the Trump candidacy.

THIS is how ingrained it is in our culture, to tell a woman she must smile. To MAKE her do it. This is how obnoxious it is.

And how about a little comic relief?


Lilac Shoshani said...

Great links, Diane. I can't stand it when men tell me (or other women) to smile. :-( I will read Lennon's post later. It looks really important. As for Donald Trump, what a despicable man!

DLM said...

Hi, Lilac! Lennon's brain tsunami is definitely a good read. We all have mental illness in our lives and/or in ourselves at some point, and I'm with LF - we need to break the stigma ... and improve our response.