Sunday, February 7, 2016


A Few Random Thoughts has such great "today in history" moments and birthdays - today, presenting February 7 for the better part of 1000 years! (He did miss one author, Laura Ingalls Wilder was also born on this date.)

The Arrant Pedant has TWO new posts up ... one on the usage of "ic/ical" adjectives (do I actually write historic fiction ... ?) ... and one on a former habit of my own up with which I no longer put, which leads to such tortured phrases as "caller, what is your name and from where are you calling?" and (apparently!) "a love for which is worth killing." Eyagh!

Laura Wilkinson has a guest post at Tom Williams' blog this week, looking at costume and character, and the very great importance of shoes.

"I'm always saying" and other pitfalls in ANY kind of research - as reflected in the study of costume history. A really great post from Lauren at American Duchess, once again including wonderful photos that are also instructive.

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