Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Flash! AAAAA-aaaaaahhh!

This is not generally a forum for my actual fiction, but today I felt like doing a writing exercise. Assigning to myself 200 words, I took on this challenge:

(I do #16 all the time - Write a story that’s happened to someone else, but write it as if it happened to you - when Mr. X and I write to each other about days we'd like to spend together, we often do it from each other's perspective. It's a GREAT one. ... Come to think of it, really any fiction writer does this all the time. Duh.)

23. Write a story that contains at least three of these elements: body lice, gasoline, a Hostess product, a childhood hero, an outdated slang expression, a song title or your favorite flavor.

Please don't hesitate to use the comments to do your own exercise from the 30 suggested prompts! (Colin ...)

Two dollars at a time.

Buying gas for The Tank two dollars at a time wouldn't get you far, but it'd get you through a day - and borrowing the car from mom and dad was a day-at-a-time proposition.

She stood there, March wind ruffling her hair, sun hiding behind a small but thick cloud here and there, and not knowing where to go. Less than two dollars worth, that's all she knew.

Where would the most cute guys be, within two dollars ... ?

Sub shop. No, not the sub shop. She was tired of that guy, and there was never a new one to scam on. Mall. Hit or miss - there were always her friends, there was always Johnny - but that was good ole boys and hoods, and girls she never had a word to say to. But sometimes.

She peered across the wide valley from the gas station to just past the middle school, and squinted while the wind pushed her hair in her eyes.

There really weren't any options. She pulled into the echoing basement of the parking garage, pulled out the key smack in the middle of Ashes to Ashes, and went in.

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1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Custom Suburban station wagon

If anyone thinks this should be a contest, let me know what might make a good incentive ... winner would be chosen by popular vote ...


Colin Smith said...

OK, OK, I'll bite. Since you asked. I've chosen:

#21 Rewrite a scene from history.

I'm keeping to 100 words. And I'm taking a bit of a liberty since the scene I'm rewriting never actually happened. Probably. But it rewrites history. OK? Here goes...

She had the king’s eye. It followed her as she moved from flower to flower, bending over, admiring their beauty as he admired hers. She turned to face him. A smile, kindling to his fire.

“Majesty,” purred a voice near his ear. “Would you like some favor of mine?”

The king glanced to his side, and sighed.

“No,” he said. “Never. Go away. I’m—er—busy.”

The lady from the garden approached, watching the young woman leave.

“Who was that, my lord?” she said.

“Oh, that wretched Boleyn girl,” he said. “Don’t worry, she’s no match for you, my Queen.”


Brigid said...

C, 8:59pm:
This is getting ridiculous. It's not like I have to decide before I pee. I will pee again.

D, 9:01:
You will pee again.
Pretty sure.

D, 9:18:
But if it's on your brain and bothering you, just do it.

C, 11:10:
I'm going to pay $8 for the thing to tell me to have a glass of wine and start carrying pads.

C, 11:45:
This is ridiculous.

C, 12:02:
I don't even know what I'm hoping for.

D, 7:27:
Are you okay?

C, 7:45:
Car's working again. We'll hear about the job offer tomorrow. One pink line.

D, 8:30:
Are you okay?

C, 8:34:
Yeah, definitely.

C, 8:44:

DLM said...


Did it in one. word.