Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow in the Gloaming

Two days can be a very long time, spent alone.

Of course, I have Gossamer the Editor Cat and Penelope the Publishing Pup. But human contact is human contact, and even as much as they both want it, there is a limit to the amount of attention you can expend on your pets when they are, frankly, accustomed to not having you around 100% of the time.

It's beautiful outside, and my instinct is that there isn't much reason to fear a power outage. We are having wind gusts, but they don't appear quite to live up to the 50 MPH gusts so breathlessly advertised earlier this week. (I'm also not hearing thundersnow, that eerily lovely thing I'd never experienced ever in my life before I turned forty, but which seems to have become "a thing".)

The snow was light for many hours before getting sleety and stopping for some hours, and today's edition has been light all along (no *ting*-ing ice droplets against the windows). There's little on rooftops or trees though cars and trucks are decreasingly visible in drifts. But those drifts are getting impressive, for the south. Opening doors and gates requires some patience.

And it's still coming down.

It should stop within the next several hours, and tomorrow will be one of those blinding, bright winter days that honestly I don't love. Yes, it'll be the beginning of the end of the blizzard; digging out, maybe some thawing. Main roads will be safer, and people will come out - as if two days inside were the greatest imprisonment - there are those, of course, for whom human companionship is just as inconvenient as my own solitude. It may even be possible for me to get something to eat other than the homemade soup I've been nursing for some days  now.

So I'm safe, I'm warm, the house is cheering and snug and filled with sweet Poohbas. I've been writing and doing laundry and cleaning - still need to accomplish some small things like mending jobs, installing a toilet paper holder and towel rack in the downstairs bathroom. If tomorrow isn't clear (... and Monday ...), there'll be time.

It hasn't been a bad blizzard for us.

How about you ... ?


Jeff said...

Not a bad blizzard for us either. We had plenty of food and no particular place to go, and the overworked teacher in our household got a much-needed break that hectic family-time during the holidays hadn't allowed. (She caught up on her DVRed shows, read a novel...and knitted me a hat!)

DLM said...

Hello, Jeff! Glad to hear that y'all made it through, I know it must have been worse a bit north of here.

The resident Poobahs WILL insist their lack of thumbs prohibits the knitting of hats(/swiffing of floors/cooking of food/giving mom a back rub), so I came out of this with the same wardrobe I had going in. It sounds like a good weekend!

I got a deal of Sherlock and Trek out of it, in addition to the writing and soup.