Saturday, January 23, 2016


Lauren at American Duchess has a wonderful post looking at a complete shoe-button tool kit she has recently acquired. It's an interesting artifact on its own, but her photos show how remarkable the condition is, and also include great diagrams and a look at how the tools worked, as well as a shoe from her collection to illustrate what the finished buttons would look like. A nice, complete view of a DIY job we could probably still benefit from now and then, though the quality of most shoes we can get today doesn't live up to much other than wear, tear, and discard.

The Caustic Cover Critic has another jaw-dropping collection of ill-conceived howlers - his own captions are almost as ... "good" as the covers themselves.

Many of the blogs I follow, I wonder whether they've ever had a bad post ...

... as an example of this, take a look at The Arrant Pedant's takedown of The Atlantic's conclusions about pants for dogs. Yes. Apparently, in this world, we have time for utterly ludicrous theoretizing (read "arguing") about the proper definition of "pants." Oh, internets.


Donnaeve said...

"Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

That's about all I have to offer for THAT discussion. LOL! (if the quote doesn't make sense - let me know and I'll explain where I heard it!)

Anyway, I did enjoy the Caustic Critic's book covers and commentary at the bottom.

Btw, yours is the ONLY blog where I have to look up some of the words you use. Like your other post. Lour. You remind me of Cormac McCarthy!

DLM said...

Welp, I'd have to look up your quote, but you said you'd explain, so ...

Pants is such a great comedy word. Pants! Pants, pants, pants!

Kumquat. Jelly bean. Weasel.

Now that I've got that out of my system, thank you! Though I suspect this comment may be blunting my McCarthyism ... ;)

Donnaeve said...

The "pants on the ground," came from a contestant on American Idol - an elderly black man who showed up and rapped, and that was the hook. You'd have to have heard him to really get the flow, but he was hilarious. (he was sending a message to black youth, he said)

I hear certain words like that too! The ones that make you want to giggle just by saying them. Sassafras, waffle, bellybutton!

No way that detracts from your McCarthy'ish style. I love learning new words and you taught me one that's actually viable even in today's world. It would seem a lot of them can be too archaic for every day use, but I think "lour" would be great. I just might have to use it in the latest WIP!!!