Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shark Week in Review ...

... it's not what you think.

Unless you're a Reider, and then it's exactly what y'all are thinking.

For any writer reading me who doesn't read Janet Reid's agent blog, bookmark it right now. I've been taking advantage of it for years, and Janet herself (a.k.a. The Query Shark) is as generously accessible as is humanly (or shark-ly) possible for those of us still yet-to-be-published could ask. She's even begun a weekly review not only of what's been under discussion, but highlighting the community's discussion itself.

I made the WIR several times this week. On point of view, charity, and even Bad Agent/cy Behavior.

Then I got exiled to the wilds of the Reider reservation on Carkoon. Sigh!

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