Sunday, June 21, 2015

... and this is why I need that anger ...

I just got up, let Penelope out in her yard, played fetch for a little bit and made sure her water was fresh and cold. Came up the steps and fixed the little hydraulic control doodad on the storm door. Put away her food and Gossie's. Picked up a few things, ready to take upstairs. Cleaned up a Gossie mess he left on the STOVE for me. (Yay for pet ownership getting gross just when you're depressed - it kind of ices that cake.)

I still need to finish wiping the kitchen, swiffing, and vacuuming. Not a lot of work, but the effect is substantial.

I'm not done, and Sunday's wearing thin. Research is still waiting.

But Pen is having a good time in her yard, and I'm eyeing the cukes one of my coworkers brought me Friday, and the gorgonzola I got this morning ... with some tomatoes, I'm thinking that makes a cool summertime supper, or at least a snack.

Hurrah for the energy of anger.

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